Does approach even matter?What even is it? for us, its everything – we’ve been round the block and we’re more convinced than ever before that implanting a strategic approach to our work brings bigger and better results each time. Understanding your story is vital to us.we try to immerse ourselves in whats differentiations you are bringing to the table, what’s important to your current and potential customers. Talk about collaboration – no one knows your business like you do, and its important we work as a team to best represrent this to your audience.


    • Consistency Perception


  •  Direction Recall

  • I make photos in Instagram
  • Writing words in Medium
  • Being a good friend at Facebook
  • Freelance starting at 2015
  • Creative Director
    Oggilby, 2011-2015
  • Art Director
    Steffie St. Meister, 2005-2011
  • Coolzine
    Co-Founder, 2001-2005
  • Reponedor
    Pryca, 2009 – 2011

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