Top 4 tips to ace your digital marketing plan
Top 4 tips to ace your digital marketing plan


Top 4 tips to ace your
digital marketing plan

The first question on everybody’s mind when it comes to marketing a business, service or product is: where do I start? The world has drastically changed when it comes to how we work, with many traditional methods now transitioning to digital. We aren’t seeing traditional marketing eradicate completely just yet, but it’s important to consider innovative change. Digital is inevitable, so it’s vital to get stuck in to keep up to date and ahead of the competition. Let’s take a look at 5 tips to ace your digital marketing plan and where to head next!

Set a clear mission or goals you want to achieve

You can’t start your marketing journey without setting goals and a mission statement. What are your company values? What do you want your business to represent? These things are what makes your business stand out from the rest, setting a clear vision. Furthermore, having goals that you’re aiming towards gives you a benchmark to reach, review and improve. From here, you’re ready to start your digital marketing plan..

Identify your target audience

What is a business without its customers? Most likely not a successful one! If you’re a fresh company or a well established one, identifying your target audience and competitors is key to understanding how to mould your marketing strategy. These can always change too, so it’s good to revisit your lists to keep your plan up to date. A good place to start is by creating your typical customer personas: 

Marketing personas are like the foundation for building your marketing house.” –

From here you can see if your marketing message is reaching your target audience, if it’s working and if things need to change. Maybe your audience lies on a specific social media channel that you’re not utilising? These are important variables that you can gain from better understanding who you’re marketing towards.

Start by auditing your current digital marketing plan

It’s important to start by auditing what you currently have in place. If you’re completely new to it, then use your goals as the starting point. Include things in your audit such as:

  • Avenues you’re currently using (social media, paid ads, mailers etc) and analytics of these such as open rates, engagement rates and more.
  • Website analytics such as popular landing pages, visitors etc.
  • Reviewing popular content/most successful

By creating an audit, you have a visual representation of how your current marketing strategy is working. With these key figures, you can compare those to your goals and target audience and make changes wherever applicable. 

Set your budgets, and decide how you’re going to execute your plan…

Of course, when it comes to creating your digital marketing plan you’re going to need a budget. Take into consideration the previous steps such as your goals, target audience, and audit as these provide you with key information to base your spend on. You may need to increase your budget to another avenue if it’s working better for example. When it comes to planning your budget, you want to receive the best ROI (return on investment) so it’s key to be conversing with the right people to achieve the best results.

Speak with us to build your digital marketing journey today!

Lastly, you need to find the right people to support you in building the perfect digital marketing strategy. At eleven10creative, we’re strategic thinkers who design and develop visual communications to help businesses and organisations tell their brand story, stand out and ultimately be successful within their field. We work within a wide range of sectors including business, education, local government, sport & leisure and retail. Get in touch with us to start building your branding and marketing journey and follow us on our social media to stay up to date with what we’re doing…





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